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  • 17th of March, 2017
  • 19:50
  • Catharinaplein 21, 5611 DE Eindhoven
  • FREE
  • facebook event
  • 17th of March Dynamo Metalfest Bandbattle, Dynamo, Eindhoven
  • 20th of May Metalcon, De Musicon, Den Haag
  • 17th of February Lazapalooza, Rockcafe Lazaru's, Leiden
  • 28th of January Angelfest, De Engelenbak, Doetinchem
  • 14th of January Sound From the Underground, 20:30, Emmeloord
  • 17th of DecemberAnthologyFest, De ijbreker, Leusden
  • 11th of NovemberPopronde, Poppodium victorie, Alkmaar
  • 29th of October Loodzwaar, Poppodium Noordwijk, Noordwijk
  • 20th of October Popronde, Dependance, Assen
  • 8th of October In store show, Plato, Leiden
  • 3rd of October Clubshow, Rockcafe Lazaru's, Leiden
  • 20th of May Clubshow, Studio Gonz, Gouda
  • 14th of May Clubshow, Nirwana, Dronten
  • 22th of April 2016 Clubshow, Musicon, Den Haag
  • 15th of April 2016 Clubshow, Scum, Katwijk
  • 27th of March 2016 Tattoofest Indoor, Hedon, Zwolle
  • 26th of March 2016 Tattoofest Warm-up, Cult Art Club, Nijverdal
  • 18th of March 2016 Clubshow, Extase, Tilburg
  • 5th of March 2016 Complexity fest, Patronaat Haarlem
  • 26th of February 2016 Metalnight, Kooltuin, Alkmaar
  • 19th of February Trashbangers night, The Mezz, Breda

About Us

Progressive death metal band ILLUSIONLESS - a four piece hailing from the Netherlands - writes and performs passionate, furious and driven death metal with core- and black metal influences, heavily inspired by art, history and the occult.

‘Age of Kali’, their sophomore record, saw the light of day at the start of 2016. This concept disc deals with the abstract and philosophical constructs of death and rebirth within the universe. This record highlights the growth and gained experience of the band over the past few years and showcases this by presenting a deeper and darker sound. Speed and musicianship have taken on a more prominent role within the writing process. ‘Age of Kali’ was produced, mixed and engineered by Uri Dijk (Textures / The Ulex). Re-amping and mastering was done at Final Focus Studio by Yuma van Eekelen (Exivious).

Over the past few years ILLUSIONLESS shared the stage with bands such as At the Gates, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Carach Angren, Triptykon, Obituary and many others at festivals like Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Stonehenge, Skullfest and Baroeg Open Air. They have also played at renowned dutch venues such as Atak, Gebr. de Nobel and Effenaar.

Their debut EP ‘Rulers of the Sane’ was released in May 2013. This record received many words of praise from the dutch metalscene with statements such as: “They open with a great display of power that persists throughout the record.” (Lords of Metal) and “A fine piece of technical death metal.” (Dutch Distortion). ILLUSIONLESS won the Dutch National Metal Battle (2014) by which they did not only prove their dedication, skill and ambition, but also carved themselves a path for the future of the band.

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Reviews of our latest creation Age of Kali

'With the long awaited release of Age of Kali the band has shown they deserve a place amongst the dutchest finest in the heavy scene.'


'The band shows great diversity without losing sight of their core sound and that with only one guitarist.'

Metal Warehouse

'All the elements of a somewhat more technical form of death metal are present, tight and very well delivered.'

White Room Reviews

‘Illusionless did it again: they once again managed to release a brutally blasting album. The band grew a lot in the last few years and added a bit more of core element in their progressive technical death metal.


"For a fairly new band, there’s a clear level of competency here that would be at home with a much more veteran act. Plenty of potential to tap into with future releases based on what Age of Kali has to offer."

Dead Rhetoric

‘Age of Kali brings forth more possibilities for the band and might just open some doors, in addition the record is exceptionally interesting and has a great listening vibe’


'This is unabashedly a straight punch in your face metal, what an insane record!'

Wings of Death

"This band stays true to their own sound, even though they have a lot of influences. The songs are one of a kind."


"Illusionless delivers a record of astounding high quality"


"This Beast explodes and comes at you like a high speed freight train"